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"We have forgotten how to be good guests, how to walk lightly on the earth as its other creatures do."

- Barbara Ward, The Stockholm Conference: Only One Earth (1972)

Hands-on Experiential Learning

My personality dictates that in order for me to better learn and retain information, I need to see, hear, feel, touch or experience. The full engagement of my senses helps me to lock down information and "live" my experiences. This character trait of mine, influences the way I deliver activities - I'd much rather let groups, try, do, feel and experiment, than just listening to me telling them something! I love questions that start: "What would happen if..."  I tend to say, if it's safe, just try it out! That's why Spiegler Outdoors's moto is:

"Experience, Discover, Learn"   / "Erleben, Entdecken, Lernen"

Safety First

A reactive, experiential based method of leading groups comes with the responsibility and necessity of taking safety very seriously. Activities are rigorously planned, reviewed and, if needs be, revised before delivering. Changing weather conditions means that planned activities can and will change at short notice, safety first!

  • Risk Assessments: are available on demand for anyone booking actvities with me.

  • Insurance: I have comprehensive Insurance through HHB Versicherungsmakler eK including specialised insurance and permits for cave tours.

  • Ratios: A key to safety is the ratio of group size to professional trainers. We are not about Mass Tourism, we want to deliver personalised group events in relation to the carrying capacity of the activity. For same day large / multi groups we have many options from tailoring / staggering the workshops to adding additional trainers, just get in touch to discuss.

  • Professional Training & Experience: I tensure that I regularly undertake relevant outdoor activity and safety training for further development (and because I love learning!)

  • First Aid: Industry recognised multi-day outdoor first aid training, regularly updated. Yearly specialised top-up training through the Cave Rescue.

  • Equipment: Regularly checked, fit for purpose and specialised equipment is as standard.

Holding a stone
Nature Preservation / Caveing Guidelines

I'm very aware that I'm able to deliver my work in a very special natural, geological, cultural and biodiverse area, which needs to be managed and preserved for this and later generations to enjoy. That's why its important to work within preservation and safety guidelines: I respect and follow the recomendations and guidelines of these and many other leading international and regional organisations:

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